I travel a lot for work — most often for conferences, clients, prospect visits, and the like. In theory, a remote worker can get their job done from anywhere. But there are definitely challenges that come when working away from your home office. And it’s not just the lack of a dual monitor. Here are
My fully-remote team is trying to get really good at digital communication. We frequently share tips and best practices for better/more impactful digital communication internally. But let’s be honest: people are generally bad at this stuff. The wording and tone of digital communication is incredibly important. We try to choose our words carefully — but

8 Tips for Better Digital Communication

Words matter. In a digital space more than ever. Where we’d have facial expressions and body language when communicating in person, instead we often have just a screen and blinking cursor for digital messages. A few things to keep in mind to maximize the impact of a message you’re trying to get across digitally: 1.

“Wait, so you don’t have an office?”

“…how does that work?” These a question that I fielded approximately 1 million times since starting my business Sercante a little over two years ago.  We’re a team of 28 with no physical office. Our HQ address is my just blue shuttered colonial in a neighborhood north of Atlanta.  And the short answer to that