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“Wait, so you don’t have an office?”

“…how does that work?”

These a question that I fielded approximately 1 million times since starting my business Sercante a little over two years ago. 

We’re a team of 28 with no physical office. Our HQ address is my just blue shuttered colonial in a neighborhood north of Atlanta. 

And the short answer to that question? It works pretty freaking great. 

Building a fully virtual team comes with a unique set of obstacles… some of which I expected from the onset, others that I’ve tripped over face first by surprise. 

This blog is a spot where I am going to share, collect, and ruminate on ideas about the current reality and the future of remote work.  My team is going to share some of their thinking on this too, and I’m hoping to pick the brains of other leaders and builders who are experimenting with remote work as part of the businesses they’re creating.

This isn’t going to be the home of chiseled in stone “best practices.” It WILL be the home of hypotheses, experiments, and real talk observations.

Hope you’ll join the party. 🙂

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